Gifted education eTips

The Gifted Education eTips are a no-cost service effort of the Academy. Academy members developed a collection of virtual tips that educators can use to enhance their ability to educate gifted children. Every eTip has a unique focus that provides bite sized information on strategies to best support gifted students. Every eTip is about the length of a newsletter. 

Every teacher has the responsibility to work effectively with all students in every classroom, including gifted and talented students. This means being able to recognize what makes gifted students different from other students and being able to respond to these differences through appropriate instructional and curriculum modifications and strategies. Gifted Education eTips provide short, clear, and do-able strategies that teachers can use to recognize gifted learners and to respond to their educational needs in the classroom setting.

To request an eTips package, simply fill out the eTips Inquiry Form below.

How to use eTips

Using a series of messages sent regularly over time provides better opportunity for producing growth and change in professional teachers’ classroom instruction and planning than a single article, larger publication, or presentation. eTips give more exposure to information and ideas spaced over a period of time, with opportunity for reflection and action on the part of recipients. Feedback from users shows that Gifted Education eTips can produce a positive impact on educators’ attitudes, professional knowledge and skill, confidence, and on-the-job behavior in working with gifted children.

Classroom educator

We recommend selecting one eTip package to focus on. Then reviewing one eTip per week and focusing on applying the strategies in each eTip. Remember to take time to reflect. 

Educator coach

We recommend selecting one eTip package to focus on. Then sharing one eTip per week with your educators. Consider making time for educators to brainstorm how to successfully apply strategies in each eTip. Remember to create space for reflection. 

Gifted director/coordinator

We recommend sharing the eTip packages with gifted contacts at schools. Consider sharing out one eTip per week to allow gifted contacts to reflect and digest each eTip. If possible, create space for gifted contacts to collaborate with one another regarding the information in an eTip package. 

eTips Packages

Download our eTips

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